Our Value Proposition:

HCLI aims to distill and disseminate the best ideas on human capital and leadership in Asia. In partnership with academia, companies and consulting firms, combining academic rigour with industry relevance, HCLI drives pan-Asian research, leading to the development of cutting-edge human capital solutions.

Our Current Research Areas

1. Managing Talent Supply in High-Growth Markets

2. Enhancing Organizational Capability

3. Building a Global Talent Pool in Asia

4. Managing Diversity


Our Latest Research

Leadership Mosaics Across Asia

In an increasingly connected and interdependent world, business leadership are increasingly subjected to the forces of globalisation. To some extent, such international forces have led to a cross-national convergence of management principles and practices, with a heavy influence from the United States and Western Europe due to their economic dominance the last two centuries.

Yet, governance structures, economic institutions and fundamental cultural values can arguably be quite resistant to global convergence forces. As a result, business leadership is still often enacted differently across different countries. This is certainly evident in Asia, an incredibly diverse region in itself.

Recognising this, HCLI’s Leadership Mosaics across Asia seeks to discover in-depth the different ways of leadership in Asia based on more than 160 in-depth conversational interviews with C-suite leaders in the region, applying about 4,000 research hours, and covering nine countries in Asia.

The research suggests answers to the following:

(a) What are the prevalent characteristics of the senior business leaders across Asia?
(b) Beyond local success, how should Asian emerging leaders develop to make the leap onto the global stage?
(c) What are seven useful tips that can help leaders new to Asia connect with their local teams?

The countries studied include Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

To access the reports, visit www.leadershipmosaics.asia

Our Thought Leadership on HQ Asia

We produce research and disseminate this research to those most able to act on it. Our publication, “HQ Asia” is meant to connote not just “Headquarters” but also “Human Quotient”. We believe that companies that are best able to track and improve their “HQ” are most likely to leverage their biggest assets: Their People.

Our publication will showcase the best practices and thinking behind human capital and leadership in Asia. We will serve as a discussion and learning platform – pulling together human capital success stories, cutting-edge research and personal reflections from foremost business leaders in Asia.

HQ Asia exists as an annual print publication featuring long form articles, while our online publication is updated weekly with a larger variety of succinct insights. Visit HQ Asia Online at www.hqasia.org