HCLI aims to distill and disseminate the best ideas on human capital and leadership in Asia. In partnership with academia, companies and consulting firms, combining academic rigour with industry relevance, HCLI drives pan-Asian research, leading to the development of cutting-edge human capital solutions.

Our Value Proposition:

HQAsia Magazine for Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI)Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI) joint research with Deloitte

Our Current Research Areas

1. Managing Talent Supply in High-Growth Markets

2. Enhancing Organizational Capability

3. Building a Global Talent Pool in Asia

4. Managing Diversity


Our Publication: “HQ Asia”

We intend to not just produce research, but to also disseminate this research to those most able to act on it. Our publication, “HQ Asia” is meant to connote not just “Headquarters” but also “Human Quotient”. We believe that companies that are best able to track and improve their “HQ” are most likely to leverage their biggest assets: Their People. Our publication will showcase the best practices and thinking behind human capital and leadership in Asia. We will serve as a discussion and learning platform – pulling together human capital success stories, cutting-edge research and personal reflections from foremost business leaders in Asia. Find out more at www.hqasia.org