We seek to provide human capital insights, ideas and inspiration to business leaders in Asia.

Established in 2010 with the Ministry of Manpower, the Singapore Economic Development Board and the Singapore Management University as strategic partners, the Institute offers the unique ability to bring together best-in-class faculty, thought leadership and insights on understanding Asia, successfully doing business in Asia and its implications on leadership and human capital strategies for Asia. Through its efforts, the Institute aims to develop global leaders with a strong understanding of leading in Asia, as well as to build Asian leaders with the ability to lead on the global stage.

The Institute brings to bear unique capabilities with the following value propositions:

Pan-Asian Focus

The Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI) is at the heart of Asia’s human capital eco-system. We aspire to raise strategic leadership and human capital capabilities at the executive level and provide insights and customised solutions for emerging industry challenges, for a globalising Asia.

Unparalleled Access

HCLI has the ability to bring together policy makers and business leaders to encourage greater public-private interface. We also bring together academic and industry leaders to bridge the gap between human capital theory and practice. HCLI can bring diverse constituents together to deliver powerful platforms for change.

Engineered to be Agile

As a nimble, responsive organisation, HCLI is able to move quickly, developing innovative solutions for individual companies, based on their specific needs and circumstances.

Integrating the Best in Class

Whether you are a global business aspiring to make inroads to Asia or an Asian company setting your sights beyond your nation’s borders, HCLI can meet your needs with our industry-leading research and customized executive development programmes, working in partnership with thought and practice leaders, leading business schools and consulting firms.