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If there was an expectation it has been significantly exceeded... The thought that has gone into the programme, the topics, the presenters, the speakers, how it comes across. How complimentary the academics are with the corporates, with the regulators, with the government...

Rashpal Bhatti, Vice President Marketing, BHP Billiton
Singapore Business Leader Programme, 2017

The programme structure design is keynote presentations, dialogues and open discussions. I think that really helped us have a better understanding of the topic.

Lim Yew Meng, Executive Director, AGC
Singapore Business Leader Programme, 2017

This is a wonderful opportunity to work with and learn from a community of people who really care about human capital. Most of the organisations here are recognising that leaders really are a very important aspect of the growth opportunity.

Tony O'Driscoll, DukeCE
Singapore Human Capital Summit, 2015

I would like to thank HCLI to create a platform in Singapore to talk about human capital matters....What I like most is the mix and the depth of the speakers so far, whether from corporate, whether from academics, from the government, so that is highly insightful to have a holistic approach to human capital.

Carole Le Meur, CHRO, Barry Callebut
Singapore Human Capital Summit, 2015

The highlight was seeing some of these leaders... Seeing those type of individuals come in and really share their personal experiences for me had probably the most meaning.

Robert Lee, President & CEO, Continental Korea
Singapore Business Leader Programme, 2017

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