Advanced Digital Leaders Programme

Advanced Digital Leaders Programme

Executive Summary

Technology is constantly changing the way we live our lives, from interpersonal communication to omnichannel engagement with brands; and most corporate leaders are sitting up and paying attention. In response to the wave of digitization, the Advanced Digital Leaders Programme offers companies a comprehensive framework to understand digital disruption, empower leaders and educate employees to compete in the digital age, and initiate effective strategies to drive profitability.

Key Benefits
  • Organisational needs analysis configured to every unique company
  • Roadmapping and developing digital competencies
  • Creating awareness campaigns
  • Multi-modal learning approach, including E-learning, case studies with experiential study visit, brainstorming sessions, hands on immersive learning
  • Thought leaders panel discussion
Programme Details

Help your organisation cross the digital divide and fast-track your employee’s digital awareness with our Advanced Digital Leaders Programme. It serves to prepare both leaders and employees to proactively seek out and optimize digital opportunities, thus enabling digital transformation through agile learning. The programme is designed to create a digital shift in mindset among your leaders so they can influence disruptions that challenge current business models and catalyse innovative change. It enhances your leaders’ digital maturity through helping them understand how data science and analytics can create sustainable digital ecosystems that support profitable business strategies. Doing so, the programme transforms your leaders into digital champions that can engage employees, clients and stakeholders towards accelerated growth and greater business outcomes.

Who Should Attend
  • Leaders overseeing digital adoption and capabilities in their daily responsibilities
  • Leaders strategising and implementing the digital transformation
  • Leaders shaping, leading and sustaining the culture for digitisation
When & Where
March 2018
3 days
SGD 8,500*

*Group rates and subsidies available. Contact us to find out more.

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