DID - Creating a Purpose-Driven Organisation

The Directors-in-Dialogue Series

Creating a Purpose-Driven Organisation
Executive Summary

Facilitated by Professor Edward Freeman of “Stakeholder Theory” fame, this programme tackles creating and sustaining a purpose-driven organisation. In the course of this exclusive, Board-level session you’ll:

  • Examine how directors can pave the way for sustainable change with maximum impact
  • Discover new ways of creating value for stakeholders
  • Learn how ethical standards and values can be new drivers of growth
  • Understand new political influences in Asia and its business implications
  • Engage in robust, in-depth dialogue on current boardroom concerns
  • Interact among chairmen and board of directors of high performance companies in Asia
  • Acquire insights from multinational companies, the public sector and social enterprises
  • Enjoy networking opportunities with boardroom leaders from Temasek Management Services, the HCLI ecosystem and beyond
Programme Details

There is a touch of irony in how some of the world’s most profitable companies are actually not profit-oriented and are instead built on a foundation of purpose-driven goals.

Moreover, leaders who acquire a strong sense of organisational purpose are able to build trust in employees, create conscious consumers and transform societies.

Facilitated by renowned Professor Edward Freeman, this year’s interactive Directors-in-Dialogue series will tackle the different facets of a purpose-driven identity that companies need to embrace. These include corporate social responsibility, conscious capitalism, shared value, just capital, patient capital, and socially responsible investing among many others.

While some of these ideas are anchored in existing business models, others represent more systematic changes that arise out of the dynamic evolution of Asia.

As such, this represents both a threat and an opportunity to your organisation that you can’t afford to ignore.

Who Should Attend
  • Chairmen and board directors of privately owned and publicly listed companies
  • Government agency representatives
  • Social enterprise representatives
Your Facilitator

American philosopher and professor of business administration at the Darden School of the University of Virginia, Edward Freeman is a notable and outstanding authority in corporate strategy and ethics. He has authored and edited over 20 volumes and 100 articles in his specialised field of stakeholder management, business strategy and business ethics; and is best known for his award winning book: Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach (Cambridge, 2010) originally published in 1984.

As a decorated academic, Professor Freeman has received several teaching awards in the span of his influential career and continues to be a sought-after advisor to executives and companies around the world.

About Directors In Dialogue

As thought-provoking  as it is insightful, this Series is tailored for the evolving needs of board directors in Asia today. You’ll encounter the most current, effective and practical business philosophies; orchestrated by global thought leaders and subject matter experts.

Furthermore, supporting insights from influential policymakers add depth and breadth to each programme. Discussion themes are wide-ranging and  continuously refreshed, to reflect the most pressing concerns and the greatest opportunities facing organisations in Asia today.

When & Where
10 October 2017
8.30am - 3.00pm
SGD 3,103.00
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