Participant engagement at Global-Asia Leadership Accelerator Programme

Global-Asia Leadership Accelerator Programme

Your Next Step into a Global Role
Executive Summary

Fast-track your career for a global role with the Global-Asia Leadership Accelerator Programme (GALAP).

Guided by eminent business academics and senior business heads from across Asia, you'll learn how to:

  • Develop strategies to navigate complexity and thrive in ambiguity
  • Overcome fears and articulate aspirations
  • Embrace cultural diversity and reconcile differences
  • Finesse your communication skills for more impactful stakeholder engagement
Programme Details

To accelerate your progress to a global role, GALAP deepens your awareness on three vital levels, Namely: self, others, and organisation.

It starts with the self, where you'll learn to build resilience as you grow in seniority. At the same time, you'll discover how best to project yourself to external stakeholders and internal team members.

Next, you’ll learn how to appreciate others through a multitude of perspectives, thus building your confidence to lead in an increasingly globalised business world.

Lastly, we’ll teach you a systems approach you can apply throughout the organisation. One that will help you balance day-to-day operations with longer term strategies.

Attendees Included
  • Leaders moving into a regional and/or global role
  • Experienced functional leaders looking to develop general management leadership capabilities
  • Multi-function leaders in complex business environments
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