Growth Mindset Leadership

For the Healthcare Industry

Join us on an eleven-week learning journey alongside your peers in the healthcare industry, where you will learn an approach to problem-solving that will help you embrace a growth mindset that fuels growth and innovation, leads to breakthrough products, services, and processes, and differentiates your company in a crowded marketplace.

Programme Experience

Part of the programme includes a full-day conference where you will interact with industry experts, business leaders and regulators in closed-door knowledge sharing sessions, as they bring highly-customised, cutting edge insights for the healthcare sector. You will then spend 3.5 days with a global faculty, working on a case-based healthcare challenge, then applying what you have learnt to your own real-life business challenge.

Go on a highly personalised and contextualised learning journey as you share knowledge and receive feedback from your industry peers, and engage one-to-one with your very own personal coach for a transformative leadership experience.

At the end of eleven weeks, you will broaden your perspectives, and strengthen your capacity for managing complexity, enhancing collaboration, and accelerating learning. Highly geared for the industry with a focus on the APAC region, this programme is designed for leaders in the healthcare ecosystem.

Who Should Attend

Professionals with 10+ years of experience, who will benefit from shifts in innovation and growth mindsets, and are poised to lead the healthcare industry into the future.

Programme Details
2 - 29 Sep 2019 | 30 Sep - 4 Oct 2019 | 9 Oct - 19 Nov 2019
3 Modules (2 Online, 1 In-person)
SGD 9,900*

*Group rates available, contact us to find out more.

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