Senior-level executives taking turns to lead in a discussion to better themselves for their next step in climbing the corporate ladder
Executive Summary

The Leaders programme prepares high-potential executives like you for broader management roles. Building on your current leadership experience - and balancing academic insights with experiential learning - the programme helps you:

  • Develop an innovative mindset and master leadership best practices
  • Nurture high-performance attitudes in your teams
  • Become agile and creative in a landscape of constant change
  • Develop synergies across Asia’s - and the world’s - diverse business cultures


Programme Details

Lead with confidence in a climate of constant change and transform yourself from a good leader to an extraordinary mentor with the Leaders Programme.

You’ll gain fresh perspectives on all aspects of leadership. Learnings that will enable you to shape a competitive advantage for your organisation in this increasingly complex, disruptive business climate.

Additionally, this programme offers you excellent opportunity to network with your contemporaries in leadership positions in Singapore and Asia. There’s no better way to share powerful insights and practical advice on growing your business

Who Should Attend

High-potential executives already in key leadership roles

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