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Cutting-edge thinking and pragmatic insights that you can actually use. That's what distinguishes the ideas we bring you on human capital and leadership management in Asia.

Leaders in Asia are looking for ways to successfully develop their business models and organisations in response to the increasing demands for business to align profitability alongside sustainability.

The Cambridge Dictionary announced 'populism' as its Word of the Year in 2017. The Human Capital Leadership Institute's research exploration into populism discovered that it is more than a buzzword or a political subject.

Why is it is still challenging for women to become leaders in the workplace? This research explores four critical reasons why the career advancement of women remains slow.

With Singapore lagging behind major capital markets in female representation on boards, how can we achieve the aspirational target of 20% female representation on boards by 2020?

Human Capital Insights is a compilation of compelling stories - and innovation solutions - developed to address HR challenges that organisations face in Asia.

What will be the role of state, society and organisations in 2030 in shaping the workforce of the future? Provoking developmental insights from four scenarios in this collaborative report with CIPD (UK) that might challenge the way we perceive "talent" in the future of Singapore.


A Gallup and HCLI study of 72 corporate leaders from various industries across six major ASEAN countries finds the top five development strategies that help them thrive in the region. 


Emerging Asian HR leaders face myriad challenges that can stall their progression to regional CHROs. We cover their five most frustrating obstacles and how organisations and their leaders can surmount them. 


Top Takeaways from the Global Talent Competitive Index 2017

This year’s GTCI focused on talent and technology, and how ready countries are for the impending changes to the ways we work.

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